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The Torch: Theme Portals

Canadian Defence Academy


(Does not work on DWAN) 


The Theme Portals are designed to focus on a topic of relevance to CAF leadership. 

The current and previous themes are accessible to everyone however CAF officers at the DP5 (GOFO) and DP4 (Colonel) levels as well as NCMs at the DP5 (Post Tactical CPO1/CWO) level have separate closed Portals which include discussion forums and thus Logins are required for them.  Access to the closed portals may be obtained by appropriately ranked personnel by sending an email to for GOFOs; for Colonels and for Post Tactical CPO1s/CWOs. 

Current Theme:  Human Security

Next Theme: Great Power Conflict in the Indo-Pacific

DP5 – GOFO: (Login required)

DP4 – Colonel / Captain(N): (Login required)

DP5 – Post Tactical CPO1 / CWO: (Login required)

Previous Themes: (Open access to all personnel)