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The Torch: CAF Professional Development (PD) System

Canadian Defence Academy


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This section explains the CAF Professional Development (PD) System for both NCMs and Officers with links to applicable opportunities.

It also contains: Foundational Leadership Doctrine (including the new 'Trusted to Serve') for the CAF; information about the OSSIDE Institute and papers written by Sr NCOs attending the OSSIDE Institute; Mentoring; and some PD related messages from the CAFCWO.


Chief Warrant Officer Robert-Osside Profession of Arms Institute

Message from the CAFCWO, CPO1 Gilles Gregoire

During the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when dealing with the majority of CAF personnel working from home, effective communication became more important than ever.  I was searching for an innovative way to communicate with the entire CPO1/CWO Corps and therefore created and distributed a Communication Placemat, titled “Separating Myths from Reality” Edition 1, in the summer of 2021.  I followed up this placemat with Edition 2, in the spring of 2022, titled “In the Know.”

Due to the overwhelming interest in this product from the CPO1/CWO Corps membership, a decision was made by my Inner Council  to share these placemats on the Torch for all members of the CAF to have access to the same information.  It is important that we remain transparent with you so that you can see the standard that I hold the members of the CPO1/CWO Corps to.  

Officer PD

Mentoring in the CAF

WOMEN AND MENTORING: The following short videos produced for the OSSIDE Institute with female CAF members discuss mentoring of women in the CAF.