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This section is designed to assist individuals and leaders become familiar with topical social issues and/or other pressing subjects pertinent to the Profession of Arms in Canada.

More subjects will be added over time.


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Human Security

Indigenous Items

Digital and Data Literacy

A defining feature of the contemporary social environment is the ubiquity of data and digital technologies. Not surprising, proficiency in data analytics and digitalisation have become essential skills in the workplace and integral to all aspects of organisational life. As such, the ability and ease with which organisations adopt and adapt data analytics and digitalisation to and in their operations will be critical to their long term viability. With this observation in mind, we have endeavoured to pull together materials that shine some light on digital and data literacy particularly in the context of national defence. 

MINDS (Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security) Program

Anti-Hate and Anti-Bias

I.      Getting Started

II.     Read, Watch and Listen

III.     Courses

IV.    Related Links

V.     Events