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The Torch: Opportunities

Canadian Defence Academy

CAF Self-Development Learning Hub


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This section is designed to assist members with finding free or inexpensive learning opportunities for their continuous / lifelong learning.  It also outlines some education and training opportunities for members transitioning from the CAF as well as some Executive Education programs for senior leaders. Finally, it also provides a link to information concerning the new CAF Self-Development Program (CAFSDP) which provides military members with financial assistance for education upgrading, professional development, and preparation for career transition. 


But, we start first with some inhouse DND / CAF opportunities:

Learning is not on hold! Renewed focus on virtual training delivery and advice for Defence Team members.


Note: The CAF does not specifically endorse any of these sites and it is NOT responsible for any funding required for any of them. While several of the links provided in the 'Online Courses' section below offer 'free' learning opportunities, there might be some additional costs. That said, this does not stop members from applying and potentially being reimbursed through other means such as the Education Reimburement  (ER) program. 

Online Courses - Mostly FREE

Post CAF Opportunities

Get your high school diploma: The CAF is here to support your academic journey

Executive Education

The CAF Offer

Are you a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member, or thinking about joining? Learn what the CAF has to offer in return for your service to Canada.

Explore the full range of benefits, services, and more that are available to you. The CAF Offer web pages on can help you understand:

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You can also explore information about benefits, such as for:

education / professional development / relocation / family support / … and more!

Aspiring CAF members may be surprised to discover everything the CAF offers. For example, upon joining, you may be eligible for a full, no-cost post-secondary education.

The CAF recognizes the unique contributions made by military members and their families. To help you save time finding the information you need, The CAF Offer will remain a comprehensive, up-to-date resource on policies, programs and practices that are designed to support members and their families.

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